Excerpt: Eyes of the Forest

From Chapter 4:

Morgan huffed. "Bit of an unnecessary show, isn't it?" The figure didn't turn. "I see no reason for you to insult my tastes, General Morbin." Morbin's nose flushed red as his skin. "What sort of hole are we in that you don't know my rank?" The vitriol oozed past is shoddy attempt at an even tone like pus from an open wound.

The figures shoulders rose and swelled swiftly as if stifling a laugh. It's cheery voice seemed at odds with the decor as he said, "Am I then the bearer of bad news?" The figure at last turned. Beady eyes stared out from a gorgeous macabre mask, every inch engraved with skulls and impressions of Deathtakers.

"General, did you really die so swiftly after your last resurrection as to not receive word of your demotion?" His shoulders rose and fell again, though no sound escaped him.